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OEM Parts Ordering Information

OEM Parts Ordering V2.0 Information

Welcome to the information page describing how to use our online OEM parts ordering system V2.0. It really is quite simple, but instructions will help get you acclimated more quickly.

How to look up part numbers?
Part numbers are quite easy to lookup. Navigate to the KTM OEM Parts Ordering Page, then select the year and model of your motorcycle. From there you can just flip through the pages and find what you need. It is easiest to write your numbers down and enter them all at once into the order form.

What does the item description mean?
The first is the actual description of the part. These come straight from KTM so it isn't always easy to decipher what the part is. The description is usually different than the description you found in the parts catalog, but as long as the part number is correct you have nothing to worry about. The second part of the item description is the possibility of an updated part number. If the part number is updated the new part number will be listed. You must order the new part number to have correct pricing. If you do not order the correct part number we will adjust this after the order is placed which will change your order total.

What about the price and shipping cost?
The prices are all current retail prices. We will update our prices within 48 hours of official KTM updates. Shipping rates are subject to change and we will notify you before charging your card. Orders not shipped to the continental US will be charged at the actual shipping cost. If you order non-OEM parts with OEM parts you will be charged shipping only for the non-OEM parts based on their weight. Also keep in mind we only collect tax on orders shipped to Kentucky - no other states.

We have a minimum order fee of $25 - if your order total prior to shipping is less than $25 the system will automatically add a "minimum order adjustment" fee on the checkout confirmation page prior to you confirming the order.

When will I get my items?
If your items are in stock we will ship them the same day if ordered Tuesday - Friday during business hours. If they are not in stock we will inform you of the wait time. Typically we will have parts orders ready to ship in 3-5 days. Sometimes there are longer lead times if items are back ordered from the manufacturer, but we will inform you of this for your approval before moving forward with the order.

Try out our KTM OEM Parts Ordering System Here